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Canada Goose Borden Bomber VS Chilliwack, I Vote To The Borden

Published: October 30, 2014 at 06:11 pm by Stephanie Lee

Canada Goose Men's Borden Bomber Down Jacket
Canada Goose Men's Chilliwack Bomber Parka
Someone asked me who you choose if Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber VS Borden Bomber, I would not hesitate to answer is the Canada Goose Men's Borden Bomber Parka. Nothing to do with the price, regardless of the material, regardless of the price, just a very personal choice. Because they two are very good and almost the same with just a little difference in the small details. If you feel Chilliwack is better, good, just stick to your choice.
So, what are the differences between them? There are five main details:
No.1 the caps, the former is the adjusting belt, the latter being a hidden snap closure at the collar;
No.2 the front zipper, the former is the 2-way locking front zipper secured with hidden buttons, the latter is exposed with a snap closure; 
No.3 the utility pocket, the former is design on the left sleeve, the latter positioned in the left chest.
No.4, the big pockets, the former is upright, the latter is inclined;
No.5, the cuffs, the former is a very common thread cuff, while the latter has a retractable space for men, which looks more generous and is more comfortable.
Well, the nuances between them is listed above, too subtle to be ignored, if you like a bomber jacket because both are so good.
If there should be a reason for me to choose the Canada Goose Borden Bomber Parka With Fur Hood, that is the fine cuff design impressed me. Because I want to see man being generous and hearty. If you also like it as I do, buy it quickly. Four color options, and in order to meet the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, all the coats here are discounted up to 55% off. Seize the opportunity, buy now!
Canada Goose Borden Bomber Black
Canada Goose Borden Bomber Caribou
Canada Goose Borden Bomber Navy
Canada Goose Borden Bomber Red
Retail Price: $745.00
Our Discount Price: $295.00 + free shipping
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Best Lightweight Jacket! 2014 New Hot Moncler Men's Josted Down Jacket Sale

Published: October 30, 2014 at 03:52 pm by Stephanie Lee

Moncler Men's Josted Lightweight Down Jacket
October will pass soon, relieved the colorful Halloween dress, we should have a good plan for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Black Friday in November, Christmas in December as well. As these festivals followed, 2014 is about to the end. One year, it is time to thanksgiving all the efforts this year, time to reward ourselves. Moreover, in the cold winter, we should also protect ourselves. To all those who love us, and those we love. Act quickly, just select a best winter jacket to give yourself warm, bring security to the family.
This new released Moncler Men's Josted Down Jacket made of 91% PA and 9% Polyester is a brightly-colored jacket in technical canvas with a soft handle. Paying homage to noted French climber Lionel Terray, His image is reproduced on the inner label, which is also one of the biggest features of it.
Details of this Moncler Josted Lightweight Down Jacket will be shown by pictures:
- Logo detail/ Turtleneck / Multipockets / Three internal pockets / Snap button closure / Two-way zipper / Goose down interior
Moncler Josted Padded Down Coat Coffee
Moncler Men's Josted Down Coat Coffee
Moncler Men's Josted Hooded Down Jacket Blue
Moncler Men's Josted Down Jacket Blue
Two colors available for sale, Moncler Josted Jacket Blue/Coffee, up to 55% off at
Retail Price: $1130.00
Our Discount Price: $355.00 + free shipping

Beautiful Outfit For Black Friday! Chic Moncler Women's Arrious Parka Sale

Published: October 29, 2014 at 07:05 pm by Stephanie Lee

Moncler Arrious Women's Padded Down Parka
With the recent popularity of Black Friday, more and more people like to own a small gift after Thanksgiving celebration. Although the gift is not as precious as people buy on Boxing Day. And for those who love fashion friends, clothes, is of course the preferred choice. So, if you are looking for a chic look for your Black Friday 2014, you don't need to wait till that day, our new Moncler Arrious Padded Parka is on sale now. Pick it up, you can prepare your Black Friday in advance.
This Moncler Arrious Fur-trimmed Hood Coat is one of the perfect Moncler Jacket with fur-trimmed hood released 2014. Not only because of the detachable thick fur-trimmed hood for warm, but also the perfect match of the slim waist and the swallowtail hem, generous and fashion.
Besides, the turtleneck / elasticized cuffs / two pockets and one inside pocket / snap-buttons, zip / Feather down inner / Stitching of chic craft all make this Moncler Arrious Padded Parka special and a good choice for your Black Friday.
Details Show by pictures below. Three color available for sale, up to 55% off at Just shop it here while stock lasts.
Moncler Arrious Coat Black
Moncler Arrious Women's Padded Down Coat Black
Moncler Black Arrious Down Coat With Fur-trimmed Hood
Moncler Arrious Coat Military Green
Moncler Arrious Padded Down Coat Military Green
Moncler Arrious Womens Coat Military Green Polyester
Moncler Arrious Coat Navy
Moncler Arrious Women's Parka Navy
Moncler Arrious Coat Navy
Retail Price: $1165.00
Our Price: $395.00 + free shipping

New Arrived Moncler Women's Chacal Canvas Coat Black, Top Grade And Noble

Published: October 28, 2014 at 06:30 pm by Stephanie Lee

Moncler Chacal Canvas Coat Black
For this Moncler Women's Chacal Canvas Coat, maybe it is the detachable belt with logoed buckle that will catch your eye at the first sight. Yes, it is the belt design that make it special and show feminine sexy curve, but not this one. The knit collar is also a is a breakthrough, because it is relatively strong and durable and not easy to fold. The third point is the strapped cuffs, which can be adjusted flexibly to protect your neck and hand.
Made of 100% polyester after special technological treatment, this Moncler Chacal Canvas Belt Down Coat is also very windproof and waterproof in chill days. And the match of snap-buttons and zip can better stop wind if you have to go out. Feather down inner is warm and soft.
Overall, this Moncler Chacal Down Jacket is not much decoration here, only the simple lines and tailors. Classic black, mature and not easily get dirt.
Moncler Chacal Canvas Padded Down Coat
Moncler Chacal Jacket Sale
Up to 55% discount code, just shop it here for cheap while stock lasts. For more details, please visit
Retail Price: $1125.00
Our Price: $385.00 + free shipping
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